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Do you use MAC Foundation?

Yes sometimes but mostly I use brands of foundation that are formulated for the professional makeup artist and not a consumer market. You may or may not have heard of them as they don't get the big ad campaigns fronted by JLO and Cheryl Cole. It is just highly pigmented amazing foundation without horrible additives like fragrance. Pro foundation is widely used in TV, film and by celebrity Make up artists. These types of foundation also have a lot more pigment in than high street brands like Rimmel etc and high end brands like MAC, Clinique, Estee Lauder etc  so they last longer on your face. Because there is no added fragrance and other unnecessary additives pro foundations are really good for sensitive skin.


What Makeup do you use?

Aside from professional foundations and other pro products, I use a variety of brands. I like to pick the best products from each brand and I'm constantly researching for amazing finds. Brands I use include Urban Decay, Illamasqua, Inglot, Lord and Berry and I do like MAC lippies! 

If someone is saying I only use MAC everything. I am asking why? There is an abundance of great products out there.


Can I tan before my wedding day?


I can match your foundation to whatever colour you are on the day. If you do decide on wearing fake tan have a trial first as patchy tans can be hard to correct. 


Why are trials cheaper than Wedding make up on the day?


I know right? What's with that? If anything a trial is actually more effort and time! 


Why should I hire a Makeup Aritst on my Wedding day?


Firstly It's your wedding day. You don't want to have to stress about doing your own make up. You want to sit back and relax knowing your Make up will look flawless both in person and on camera.

It's that one day where you can be like a celeb for the day and have everyone come to you.

When the day is over all you will have left is your memories and the photographs and professional photographic make up is going to give you that flawless finish.

Your face is very important and aside from your dress will be the focus of your look.​

Why is Wedding Make up more expensive?


Wedding Make up is actually very complex. Products have to be layered and blended seamlessly. The camera never lies so it's got to be perfect. It  has to last all day and night, look fantastic in person and camera.

Make up artistry is actually very skilled and there's a lot more goes into it than people think. It really isn't 'just Make up'.


When we take a Wedding on we often have to take out most of the day so we can't take on other clients. We also often have to get up at sometimes 5am or earlier on a weekend. We sacrifice the day with our own families and may have to arrange childcare.

Quality products aren't cheap and you are also paying for our experience and expertise. Like I say it's an Art form.


If someone is charging £25 I can't see for the life of me how they make a profit.

Also is someone who is really 'cheap' going to be reliable on your day?

Are they going to put all of their heart and soul into their work? probably not.

Please think of your wedding makeup as an investment, something that will live on in your photo's. It is every bit as important as your dress and photographer.

Will my Make up last all day?

I get asked this question a lot. My aim is to do everything I possibly can to make it last all day. I will prep and moisturise your skin according to your skin type, use waterproof products and finish with a setting spray to help prolong wear.

I can't however undo years of neglect . It is paramount that you undertake a good skincare regime if you want to get the most out of your make up application. Make up on well maintained skin will always last longer and perform better. One of the most common problems I encounter is dehydrated skin. 

Signs of this include oily skin that is also flaky. You may notice your moisturiser doesn't seem to sink in and sits on the surface.

You can help combat this issue by exfoliating regularly and getting into a good skincare regime. Cleanse, tone and moisturise according to your skins needs. Increasing the amount of water you drink can also work wonders.

I often get people who tell me they NEVER moisturise. Make up on these people will not wear as well as on those who look after their skin. Even oily skin types need to moisturise.

What happens if I have a cold sore or other contagious skin condition?

It's not a massive disaster if you wake up with a dreaded cold sore as everything I use gets decanted on to a palette. Any make up artist who is working hygienically should do this anyway. Disposable applicators will be used to apply lip colour in order to prevent contamination. 

In the case of conjunctivitis the clients own eye makeup brushes must be used. Eye shadows will then be scraped on to a palette to prevent contamination.

The same applies for clients who have a 'sty'.

In the case of impetigo. The clients own brushes must be used, This is non negotiable as impetigo is highly infectious. All makeup products will be decanted onto a palette.

In the case of impetigo, makeup application will only be carried out on a Bride or her wedding party. Occasion make up clients will be turned away in this instance.


And other things you should know to help Make up artists help you...


Collect images that you like.   When you're saying smokey eye to me I could be imagining something totally different to you. It is also a good idea to show me pictures of youself with your make up done so I can see what sort of wearer you are.

When you ask for natural be aware what looks natural on camera may not look so natural in real life.

Looking totally natural in real life may not show on camera how you want it too. You may have to compromise (or not, I'm there to do what you want and can only advise. It is your face) Expect to have to wear 30% more for it to look great on camera.


Obviously you want to feel comfortable on the day but during your trial you may just be wearing a shirt and jeans with your hair in a ponytail. It may feel weird and look odd to you especially if your not much of a make up wearer. On the day though it's a whole different ball game. It will all tie in with your hair, dress and jewellery trust me. Be aware that bridal dresses being usually ivory, pale, white needs a bit more make up to prevent you from looking washed out.


During the trial, be totally honest with your make up artist. If you don't like it PLEASE say so. We can take it!  We won't be offended. I'd rather be told if you do not like something and change it so I can leave knowing you are happy and I get the job, win win situation . Make up is a very personal thing. What you see in the mirror may be totally different to what I see. Self perception is a funny thing. Perhaps think about having someone with you, who's opinion you trust.


See how your make up wears during the day. Report back if there were any problems. For example you got oily. There are ways around problems. Let us know on the day and we can find ways around these. Everyone is different.


Consider letting the make up artist fill your brows in. Sometimes they get lost on camera. They really do make a difference and frame your face. This in no way means you will get a scouse brow!

Be aware that a nude lip colour that is very pale may not look good in pics.

Consider wearing false lashes. They don't have to be scary. They come in a variety of styles and they look great on camera.


Don't show us Instagram pics and expect to look just like the pic. These photos are edited and filtered to death. It's unrealistic.


Try to be open minded. Listen to our advise. Consider our suggestions. 


x Tara x

Terms & Conditions



The retainer fee to secure the date for Wedding bookings is non returnable. Please understand that I may have turned down multiple bookings for your date.


Trials plus any travel expenses are payable on the trial day or prior via bank transfer.


Mileage is charged at 55p per mile for the round trip after the first 10 miles from my location. Postcode DH8.


The final balance is payable prior to the wedding day via bank transfer. 


I am not obligated to return any monies received up until the wedding date so please make sure you have given me the correct date. I have had a couple of Brides make this mistake eeek! Always check your paperwork.

Refunds will only be given if I cancel due to sickness.


Wedding cancellations by the client with less than 7 days notice will be liable for 100% of the remaining balance.



Important Information to consider


For clients booking Occasion Makeup, please be aware that priority will be given to Wedding bookings and to accommodate a Wedding party, I may have to move your appointment much earlier. If this is not convenient I will do my best to find another artist to take my place.


During winter months my car will be fitted with snow tyres to maximise my ability to get to your destination. In the event of heavy snow I will do my very best to reach you as your booking is just as important to me as it is to you. However I won't put myself at risk of harm in doing so. If getting married in the winter months it is strongly advised you take out wedding insurance for this reason. 


In the event of sickness, I will do my very best to fulfil your booking. As mentioned before, your booking is as important to me as it is to you. However if I am unable to carry out your booking I will endeavour to find a suitable replacement.

Terms & conditions

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